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My name is Artemy. I'm a man who is trying to find himself somewhere between coding and drawing.
Main project
Logo of the Reactive Doodles App
It’s a free cross-platform application
A visual editor with a library of high-quality graphics elements to compose and stylize illustrations for some business purposes or just for fun and pure creativity.
Any serious skills are not required but the app has a lot of hidden and experimental settings, it works with external resources. All for CG geeks like me & maybe like you.
Work with the Reactive Doodles App fx fx fx
It's my study of the secrets of successful digital art and a lot of coding, math and drawing. I don't know exactly when the first release will be ready. So I invite you to join this newsletter...
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I'm looking for talented 2D artists who want to be featured in the app graphics library. Immortal catchy backlink guaranteed.
In any case, if you have questions, useful suggestions or just you want to say "hello" - I'm in touch here:
Other projects

Utilities to speed up work with vector graphics

SVG sprite generator online.
SVG sprite generator
This utility helps you optimize and merge your vector assets as a reusable React.js component or as ordinary HTML markup according to best practice. These tips inside the generator will help you: "How to use SVG sprites in web development".
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Simple SVG editor
SVG customizer
It's a simplified tool for batch processing of vector images in the SVG format. The key features: the maximum possible optimization of input data, control of strokes width, global and local color replacement, converting to PNG with different scaling factor, deleting selected elements, correcting content scale and position and simple "One Preset" system to store any global changes. Nothing more.
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Simple SVG editor
Lottie animation file example
Web animation player for Lottie files
A web tool where you can quickly play your animation files created by using Lottie (Bodymovin) and After Effects. Features: switching between two rendering methods (Canvas and SVG), changing animation speed, viewing on different backgrounds.
Without uploading to the server, only private usage in your browser.
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Motion graphics for the Web - animation performance tests
Web animation performance tests
I've tested a bit: SVG with pure CSS animation, true vector sprite sheets, Lottie files, GIF animation, HTML5 Video, different ways to connect these technologies, FPS, file sizes and display issues.
Maybe, it will be useful for you at the time of choosing technologies for any front-end projects.

Creative digital assets

I'm really happy to work on non-profit projects, but I can't exist without your support I think some paid stuff is better than any ordinary donations with one-side usefulness.
Shot number 1

Set of simplified 3d models

Basic simplified 3d models - Table lamp
Simplified 3d models - table lamp outline
17 low-poly 3D models with programmable smoothing.
Minimum of details.
Quads priority.
File formats: blend, c4d, abc (alembic).
License: “use it as you want”.
Simple 3d models. Download examples of base meshes
Shot number 2

Box with smooth vector images

I share all my design material. It's a mix of logotypes, stickers, icons and illustration elements. You can use it as you need.
Lazy shaping with high quality smooth vector images
The whole content of the box was created in a fixed color scheme and with a fixed stroke width. You can customize it in any Vector graphics software or by using the free SVG customizer from this website.
Simple SVG editor
The Customizer and two examples from the box in action.
Set 01.

Modern devices

Modern devices vectors. Spotmini robot, drone, iphone, ipad, imac, smartwatch, stylus, apple pencil, playstation move, nintendo switch
Set 02.

IT logotypes

Vector IT logotypes: angular, basecamp, cordova, docker, evernote, github, mailchimp, polymer, python, react, redux, slack, swift, trello taco, typescript, unity 3d, visual studio, vue, webpack
Set 03.

Data management

Data managment icons. Certificate, checklist, mindmap, prototyping, team, school-bag, business, search, secret, folder, placemark, calendar, books
Set 04.


Shopping vector icons. Gift, cashback, payments methods, half, price, pouch, sale, outpost, bitcoin, feedback, handshake, delivery
Set 05.


Youtuber icon set. Gaming, public speech, viral video, video360, target audience, brain, follower, redbutton, storytelling, storyboard, webinar, conference
Set 06.


People vector icons. Happy woman, unhappy male, serious scientist, anonymous team, pirate, blindfold
Set 07.

Vehicles and Construction Equipment

Tesla red roadster, flying saucer, american big truck, airplane, helicopter, oldcar, crane, truck, cargoship, yacht, train, excavator, modern van
Set 08.

Hand tools

Hand tools vectors. Clamp, divider, spatula, two-handed saw, magnifier, small, pencil, pliers, magnet, pin
Set 09.

Other props

Vector stanford bunny, skateboard, lemon, baseball, broken vase, fireflies, magichat, infinitysign, pepper and other props
Set 10.


Cartoonish animals vectors. Totoro, yeti, snowman, panda, littlebig fish, lamb sheep, birdie, dove, white hare, firefox


  small basic shapes and symbols to combine these with the box content.
  elements of a rounded font used in the shot.
  featured color palettes.
  presentation assets.


Currently, there are
images in the box. Not counting the bonus shapes.
Four file formats:
[master files],
optimized SVG
[for each image].
Feel free to mix and transform these assets inside Adobe Illustrator master files to get something more unique.
It is 3 times more profitable than buying separately.
Shot number 3

Set of background shapes

Examples of creative background shapes. Transparent PNG and optimized SVG
I started to collect my favorite background shapes. Currently, there are 50 items. But I plan to extend this collection and make free updates for all buyers.
File formats: ai, eps, svg, png.
Set of background shapes. Transparent PNG and responsive SVG.

Mini guide. How to make creative icons with original background shapes

Quick guide. How to add creative backgrounds to any vector icons
Shot number 4

SVG importer.
Plugin for Cinema 4D

A simple Cinema 4D plugin to quickly import SVG files from the hard disk or from the OS clipboard. For example, you can copy some vectors from the Adobe Illustrator workspace and paste it into Cinema 4D through the plugin button.
Import SVG to Cinema 4D faster
How to install?
Step one.
Unzip the archive so that the files tree looks like this:
Step two.
Open Cinema 4D App and go to:
Main menu > Window > Customization > Customize Palettes
Type "SVG" in the name filter field and drag the plugin's icon to any toolbar of the App.
Shot number 5

Material color picker

It's a lightweight and pure JS solution without dependencies to work with colors in front-end. A key feature of the picker is the Material design color palette.
Material design tools - Color picker JS
Material design tools - Color picker JS
What's next?

Upcoming content

Anyway, my primary focus keeps on the 
Reactive Doodles App
. But also I have an interest in the next tasks:
1. Extending the vector image collection.
2. Free WordPress plugins. One of them is already at the finish line.
3. Adobe Illustrator scripts.
4. 3D modeling utilities.
5. Animation sets for After Effects.
6. Tutorials.

Let's play the game together

There is an affiliate program where you can earn a 25% commission on sales you generate. Spread the word about this site, about commercial or non-commercial products by using a special link to get another passive income and to help me in development.
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